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A Better Way To Exercise!

The Needak® Rebounder is the most revolutionary way to exercise while having fun! Recommended for gym use and the comfort of your home, the rebounder offers a stable method of activity that increases your heart rate without too much exertion. Ideal for all ages and preferred by many leading health experts, we can promise you'll never want to exercise the same way again!

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About The Rebounder

The Rebounder is more than just a mini trampoline; it's professional-grade workout equipment designed with you in mind. Every component of the Rebounder is made with quality materials built to last unlike similar items on the market. Enhance your rebounding experience by purchasing workout DVDs, educational books, and more!

​​​​Why You Need Our Rebounder

Suitable for any space, the Needak rebounder is by far the best exercise trampoline on the market. Those components not made directly by Needak are purchased from North American suppliers of the highest quality materials. Easy and fun to use, you can get more out of your workout routine without strain on your muscles or risk of injury like other machines. And trust us when we say you will enjoy using our rebounder for years to come! Designed with superior materials, the rebounder is built to withstand excessive use.

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