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If you really want to get the maximum benefit of your rebounder and workouts, be sure to explore our full range of accessories! We offer tools to best help you succeed during your fitness journey for every level! Whether you're a beginner or advanced rebounder, we have the accessories you need to get the most out of your rebounder!

rebounder accessories

Stabilizing Bar

The stabilizing bar is designed to flex slightly with your movement as you rebound. Some movement in the assembled bar is normal and necessary to prevent injury. This is great for beginners and Seniors who needs little extra support when working-out!

Carry Case

Since the rebounder is easy to setup and take-down you can transport it with you nearly anywhere! Take it to the office or gym in our handy carry-case!

Hand Weights

Kick your fitness up a notch or two with hand-weights while you bounce. We offer sand weights that come in 1 pound, 2 pound and 3 pounds.

Workout Videos

Follow along to workout videos available in DVD and VHS all in the comfort of your home or office! Stay motivated with an instructor who guides you through a step-by-step routine as you bounce your way to fitness! Our videos come in several levels including beginning, intermediate, advanced and Oh Boy!

Helpful Books

Stay motivated and informed with helpful books by leading health professionals regarding the benefits to rebounding exercise and more. You'll receive tips and greater insights into the fitness world as you progress with your rebounder!

Frame/Spring Cover

Needdak allows for a sleek design utilizing a safety cleat which is enclosed by high-quality fabric so there's no pesky metal protrusions! While spring covers are not needed with the rebounder, you can select covers in a variety of color options!

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