What is a rebounder?   

The rebounder is a revolutionary exercise platform that will change the way you workout. Made with high-quality materials paired with superior American workmanship, the rebounder gives you the ability to achieve high-volume cardio workouts without risk of injury or harmful impact on joints. With a lifetime frame warranty and an optional stabilizing bar for beginners, seniors or people with infirmities, you'll soon see why the rebounder is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals! 




The soft-bounce spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce. This spring is designed for individuals weighing up to 300 pounds and is ideal for beginners and Seniors seeking a less rigorous workout regimen.



In contrast, the hard-bounce spring is for individuals weighing between 300 and 600 pounds. It allows for shock absorption similar to the Soft-bounce for those weighing more. It is also used by some weighing less than 300 pounds for high intensity workout!

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The Benefits »

Leading health experts will agree the rebounder provides an endless range of health benefits for persons of all ages and fitness levels. The act of "rebounding" which refers to the jumping motion performed on a trampoline allows for a great aerobic exercise without strain on muscles and joints. We've tapped into this superior exercise method by offering the American-made rebounder! See the full list of health benefits below. For more proof on why the rebounder is beneficial, click here

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Maintenance & Care »

Maintaining Your Rebounder

The Needak® rebounder is built to stand the test of time. To ensure a long life for your rebounder and maximize the benefits, we suggest the following routine maintenance.

  • Occasionally lubricate the metal on metal contact points on the springs (clevis pins and mat cleats). We suggest a grease such as Vaseline, Duralube, or other lithium, teflon, or silicone based grease. Some customers report Teflon spray works as well. Liquid oil will drip off of the…
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rebounder specs


40" heavy gauge American steel with solid steel platform pins.


10" from the floor to top of unit.


Approximately 25 pounds.


Time-tested design attached with high-tech welding process. Safe and secure!

Frame Finish

Lead-free, baked-on powder coat finish in blue or black to compliment the jump mat.

Jump Mat

Made with industrial grade polypropylene (tradename Permatron) fabric. Heavy-duty edge banding on both top and bottom surfaces.


Steel safety cleat (does not have bullhorns). Does not require a frame skirt!


36 reliable springs made of high-grade music wire attached to the frame through a replaceable clevis pin. Comes with several intensity levels include soft-bounce, hard-bounce and classic.


6 steel leg tubes which attach to the frame platform pin via a spring. This allows the leg to be easily folded.

Leg Tips

Industry standard plus reinforcing metal plate for long life. Synthetic rubber material that won't mar your floors.


No hype. No vague wording. No "fine print." Upfront, straight-forward, and honest.


Stabilizing bar, carry case, frame skirt, hand weights, books and videos.

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