How To Lubricate Your Mat Springs

New rebounder springs have a light coating which temporarily reduces friction noise. This coating wears away after a few hours of usage. This is a required break-in period prior to lubrication. When you receive your rebounder you may hear a “spring expansion” or “spring stretch” noise. This is normal. After the break-in period, however, the rebounder will start to squeak which is your sign to apply lubrication. Application of lubrication prior to the break-in period causes the springs to emit growling/screeching/scratching noises. Please read ALL instructions before applying lubrication.

Rebounders periodically require lubrication. How often they need to be lubricated depends on the type of lubricant and the amount of use the rebounder receives. The lubricant sold by Needak is a high-quality synthetic engineered for heat and pressure. It contains silicone and Teflon among other components. A person averaging 10 minutes per day of light bouncing will need to reapply after about 6 months of usage. Someone using the rebounder for more vigorous exercise averaging 1 hour per day may need to reapply every 3-4 weeks. A lighter weight grease will have a shorter useful life and need to be renewed much more frequently.

We advise against using liquid oils or spray lubricants like WD-40. Liquids only last a few hours and drip off onto the floor.

Remove all existing lubrication and dirt from each contact point (where metal meets metal) by using a dry cloth. (This allows the lubricant to reach the contact points properly.)

Lubrication is applied from the topside of the rebounder. Gravity and use will draw the grease into the contact points. If you are using the optional frame skirt, remove it to expose all the springs. We do not suggest using the notched “Tear Here” opening as it will allow too much lubricant to flow out. Instead, use a Scissor to cut a small opening in the tip of the packet. Cutting at an angle will allow better control of lubricant placement.

Do not lubricate the coils of the spring.

Slide the clipped opening of the packet against each metal contact point, (where each spring hook touches other metal parts-ie Mat Cleat and Clevis Pin) and press out a small drop each time. Slowly squeeze the packet until the lubricant arrives at the tip. Air bubbles may cause the lubricant to splatter if squeezed too rapidly. Some people find it helpful to roll the barrel of the spring to open up the contact points.

Do not over apply lubricant. Apply a very small amount (about the size of a pinhead). You may spread lubricant into place with a toothpick. A single 3 gram pack will lubricate a rebounder two times. This is an active and durable synthetic material and does not easily wash off with soap and water.

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