How often should I lubricate my rebounder mat springs?

Lubrication maximizes the life of your mat springs. The friction of metal rubbing on metal generates heat which shortens the life of the spring. Without lubrication your springs will fail prematurely.

Estimated lubricant life per average minutes of bouncing per day

Types of lubricant10 mins20 mins30 mins45mins60mins
Synthetic grease6 months5 months4 months8 weeks3-4 weeks
Automotive grease4-5 months3 months8 weeks4-5 weeks1-3 weeks
Petroleum Jelly1 month2 weeks1 week2-3 daysdaily

We do not recommend liquid or spray-on lubricants. They tend to drip off quickly providing protection only for a day or two.

Needak Huskey lubricant

When calculating the average minutes per day, remember to include all of the minutes your rebounder is in use. Remember to count each person in your household or facility.

If you hear squeaking, you are past the point of reapplying the lubrication. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

Needak uses "Huskey" brand synthetic grease. They utilize silicone, Teflon, and other components to provide a grease engineered for heat and pressure. You will find this grease in the replacement parts section of this web site.

Needak Synthetic Lubricant