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Fitness has become a global endeavor encouraged by health professionals everywhere. With obesity becoming an increasing epidemic, many consumers are looking for fun and engaging ways to increase their activity levels. The Rebounder offers just that and so much more. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, please fill out our form and review our affiliate agreement here.

Affiliate Agreement

This agreement is known as the "Affiliate Agreement" and replaces former terminology such as "Associate Web-Link Agreement."

Purpose: To provide a link from Affiliate's website(s) to Needak Manufacturing website and for the Affiliate to earn a profit when Affiliate's customer makes a purchase from Needak Manufacturing's website. (Orders properly generated via telephone and other means will also count.)

Terms and Conditions: Affiliate will post a link (provided or approved by Needak) on my website(s) (listed below).

In return, once per calendar month Needak Manufacturing will credit Affiliate as follows for resulting retail purchases (less returns and cancellations) made from the Needak website:

-$35.00 US per rebounder sold

- $8.00 US per Stabilizing Bar sold

-20% on books and videos

In the case of multiple links from different Affiliates, the latest link takes precedence.

Payment may be taken as a credit toward the purchase of Needak products or in the form of a company check. Company check will be issued when credits exceed $50.00.

Needak will have use of all names generated through the program and Affiliate will continue to receive payments on future purchases made direct to Needak, by linked customers. Affiliate must maintain this website, offer only Needak rebounders and maintain an active link. Use of the Needak Name, logos, or Web Links on pornographic or other objectionable websites is strictly prohibited. Abusive e-mail practices (ie. Spamming, etc.) will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

This agreement is subject to acceptance, and these terms and conditions are subject to modification, by Needak Manufacturing. Availability and pricing of products may change from time to time. Upon acceptance Needak will e-mail the appropriate link(s). Submission of this Agreement constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions.

Any interpretation of the terms of this agreement is at the discretion of Needak Manufacturing. Affiliate may cancel this agreement by notifying Needak and removing the link from his website. Violation of these terms and conditions will be considered grounds for Needak to cancel this agreement and forfeiture of remuneration.

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