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by Dr. Tina Wellman, Ph.D, PNE

Article Published in "Total Health For Longevity"

Dr. Wellman is the author of Psychoneuroendocrinology: Copper Toxicity and Premenstrual Syndrome. She blends nutritional support with environmental detoxification to achieve wellness. Her efforts in this field are groundbreaking, and provide hope for healing and wellness. 

What is the weakest force in the universe and has the most profound effect on the human body? Gravity. As we age, the relentless pull of gravity causes our body to sag in a southerly direction. We develop wrinkles, flabby forearms, portly midriffs, vericosities, edemic feet and ankles, stooped shoulders, turkey necks, and compressed spines, to name a few multifarious insults to our body shape.

To compensate for this "G-force" we must continually work against it through body movement. Regular exercise is essential to maintain optimal health. Apiarian Royden Brown noted, "It has been scientifically documented that exercising regularly increases longevity and enhanced quality of life."1 The proverbial expression "either use it or lose it" applies to the body's need for daily exercise as well as to maintain musculoskeletal strength, immunity, and psychobiological balance. The best nutrition in the world cannot sustain us if our circulation is stagnant and we do not receive oxygen-rich blood to our body's three trillion cells.2

G-force--Gravitational Force

Gravitational force is key to understanding resistive rebounding's health benefits. By combining the forces of acceleration and deceleration, body cells are tricked into believing they are being subjected to increased gravity.3 NASA clearly demonstrated the virtues of rebounding when they designed an exercise protocol in the zero gravity of space. Loss of bone density and muscle mass are the negative results incurred to astronauts soaring through the cosmos at zero gravity. Scientific blood analysis that included subjecting weakened blood cells (of returning astronauts) to increased G-force evidenced an increase in cellular strength. It is this increase in G-force during rebounding (specifically during deceleration) that challenges body cells to strengthen.4

An Exercise for all Ages

Rebounding knows no social boundaries and has no age limitations. Exercise guru Jack LaLanne often demonstrated rebounding on his popular T.V. exercise program. Comedian Bob Hope once noted "I keep my rebounder at the foot of my bed and use it daily." Morning talk show host Regis Philbin enjoyed a rebounding session during one of his interviews with fitness expert and nutritionist to the stars, Rheo Blair, on his 1970's "A.M. Los Angeles" television program. A rebounder even found its way into the White House during the Reagan administration!


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