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Urban Rebounding book by JB Berns
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"There is a myth about exercise in the West. It needs to be painful. It needs to be difficult if it is to work the muscles properly. The body, if it is to be exercised properly, should feel sore and under stress in a day following a "good workout." It must take a lot of time...." (From Urban Rebounding by JB Berns) In this volume, JB Berns expounds on the history and evolution of exercise, the development of rebounding, and the combining of Eastern and Western fitness techniques with rebounding into his Urban Rebounding program. Detailed explanation is given to each of the various movements associated with Urban rebounding and how they tie together in a proven exercise format. JB Categorizes 4 types of bounces in the Urban Rebounding system: 1) Basic Bounces, 2) Aerobic Bounces, 3) Strength Bounces, and 4) Abdominal Bounces Each of the associated movements is thoroughly documented, including photographs. Choreography of the movements into a complete routine is explained as well.

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