Massage Therapy    

Stiff?  Sore?  More?


You appreciate the benefits massage provides.  Stress relief, pain management, flexibility, and lymphatic movement leading to immune system strengthening have helped you.

How often can you take in a good massage?

Have a deep tissue - full body massage whenever you want it.  No....we are not kidding!

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  “The rebounder is great! I lost 8 lbs and beat my 6’3’’, 180lb boyfriend at arm wrestling after only 2 months of use! Then he started bouncing and his masseuse asked him, ‘I know you’ve been working out for 2 years -  what have you been doing the past week?’ She actually felt the difference in his muscles!” - B.L. New York, NY
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  "A brief health bounce before a massage, for example, is very relaxing for the client, while if flushes lymph through the lymph nodes, and reduces swelling and inflammation.  After the massage, another 2 minute health bounce eliminates the toxins, extra fluid, and cellular waste, while grounding and energizing the client."  Rebounding To Better Health, page 52 by Linda Brooks, CR, Rebounding Educator
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 Massage every cell in your body

 anytime of day or night.