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Folding Rebounder - Closing Instructions

(This page contains a large number of photographs and may take between 1 1/2 and 2 minutes to load at 56K.)

Please make sure you read and understand all of the instructions before beginning this procedure.

  1)  Make sure the spring cover is not in contact with the hinge.  This can be done by releasing the Velcro straps and removing the spring cover.  If you have an older style spring cover you can use the Velcro tie which pulls the cover away from the hinge.

2)  Turn the rebounder upside down.  With the rebounder lying flat, pull each leg up and over the platform pin and lay it towards the center of the mat.  Extend the leg spring only enough to allow the leg tube to slip up and over the platform pin.


3) The act of folding is a matter of leverage.  The rebounder is held open by the tension of the springs.  You are overpowering the tension of the springs to cause the unit to fold in half.  To exert maximum leverage many people find it easiest to slide half of the frame under a couch or other low/heavy piece of furniture.

The frame and at least 2 leg will contact the furniture in this maneuver.  It may be advisable to place a towel between the rebounder and furniture to prevent scratching the furniture.To close the rebounder you will need to overcome the tension of the springs.  Once you have overcome the tension of the springs the rebounder will have the tendency to snap closed.  Make sure you grasp the frame firmly and maintain control while closing.  Raise the frame slowly until the spring tension is overcome.  When the springs release, the rebounder will fall limp and you can slide it from under the furniture and it is ready to place in the carry bag. 
Alternate Folding Method  

4)  After completing 1 & 2 above, determine the bottom or outer half of the hinge.  This is the large metal piece which surrounds the square frame steel.  The inner hinge is a small flap on top of the square steel.  The inner piece is the one which will move when manually folding the rebounder.


5)  Position your knees and left hand on the bottom half of the frame and your right hand on the top half of the frame as shown below.  The rebounder is held in the open position by the stout tension of the springs.  To close the rebounder you will need to overcome the tension of the springs.  Once you have overcome the tension, the rebounder will snap closed.  Make sure you grasp the frame firmly and maintain full control as you pull slowly forcing the hinges to fold.  Your head and shoulders should rise out of the path of the frame movement as you pull upward.  With your right hand firmly grasping the center of the “top half” of the frame, pull upwards in an arc toward the “bottom half.”

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